February 18, 2007

Radio, Radio

The Practical Archivist's (First Ever) Call-In Radio Show

I'll be hosting a one time only radio call-in program on our local community radio station WORT. Fabulous Rock Star Mama Lisa Hinzman has agreed to be my Ed McMahon. Suh-weet!

I'll share some simple tips on how to organize your photographs and conquer the clutter once and for all. But I'll also take calls from folks just like you to answer questions about protecting your one-of-a-kind family treasures from the ravages of time.

What kinds of questions? I specialize in photographs ("daguerreotypes to digital and everything in between"), but I can also answer questions about rare books, documents, and wedding gowns. And since I'm a librarian by trade, I promise to point you in the direction of someone who can answer your question if I'm stumped.

The Practical Archivist Radio Call-In Show
Monday, March 5th
7-8pm (Central time)
Toll Free: (866) 899-WORT (9678)

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Listen to WORT's Live Web Stream:

Here are two weekly shows on WORT that you might enjoy:

1. Entertainment

Saturday 10am–noon
Classic jazz and swing from the 1920s to the 1950s—recordings by big bands, vocalists and small combos, with host John Kraniak. Playlists from previous shows.

2. Back to the Country

Wednesday 9am–noon

With themes such as politics, work, home or around the music of a particular person, host Bill Malone puts emphasis on “classic” and “alternative” country music - what you can’t hear on Top 40 radio.

Photo Credit: Rockpop Gallery. Digital print on canvas, hand embellished by artist Howie Green. Available for sale here.


Deli Chef said...

Will this Radio Show be available as a podcast? Unfortunately I will be out of the country at the time...

The Deli Chef

Sally J. said...

Great question! WORT keeps an online archive of certain shows, and I'm told that this will be one of them. Details in my follow-up post.