February 22, 2007

Questions about my radio call-in show

I've received several questions about my upcoming radio call-in show, but first the basic info...

Date: Monday, March 5, 2007
Time: 7 - 8 PM Central Time (a.k.a. Chicago Time)
Web: www.wort-fm.org
Local: 256-2001
Toll-free: 866-899-WORT (9678)

Now for the questions...

  1. How exactly do I listen to the show? If you're lucky enough to live in Madison just tune in to 89.9 FM. If not, you'll need software on your computer that can play the live streaming audio. Personally, I prefer Realplayer. It's free. When the show is live, go to WORT's web page. In the header there are several menu choices.

    You want the Listen Live button, which is #1 in my handy visual aid, above.

  2. Will there be a recording available? Yes! Visit WORT's Audio Archive, #2 in the illustration above. Shows are usually uploaded within 24 hours after broadcast and remain available for eight weeks.

  3. How do I ask The Practical Archivist a question? You'll need to call in during the live broadcast. If you're in Madison, call 256-2001. Outside the area, you can call in using WORT's toll-free number: 1-866-899-WORT (9678).

  4. Can I send my questions via email? Sure! Hostess anxiety has left me terrified that no one will call in or that the equipment will die a horribly death at precisely 7:02 pm... so it would be a relief to show up with questions ready to go. sally (at) jacobsarchival (dot) com. Assuming everything goes as planned and we have some live calls, those will take take precedence for obvious reasons. If I can't get to your question on the air, I'll try to answer it here on this blog.

  5. I'm overseas and that's never a toll-free call. Can I call in using Skype? Sorry, no. But you're welcome to email me your question!

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