November 14, 2007

Can you fix a pixelated photo?

From the folks at Photojojo comes advice on how to de-pixelate photos:

Ever had Grandma Edna email you her latest vacation cruise photos, only to find the images so small and pixelated that she and Gramps look like they were made of LEGOs?

VectorMagic has the answer.

A free website from the folks down at Stanford, VectorMagic takes your raster images and turns them into smooth vector drawings. Unlike raster images, vector drawings are made of geometric shapes instead of pixels, so you can infinitely resize them with no fuzzy or blockiness! This makes them ideal for blowing up a small photo to, say, the size of your bedroom wall.

Try it for yourself...
Vector Magic is web-based and completely free. No registration or login required.

Vector Magic — Convert Photographs to Vector Images Automatically

Next up: Details on what happened when I put Vector Magic through the paces, including before & after screen shots. You know, the old side by side comparison. (Hint: The results were mixed.)

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