December 22, 2006

Can't Find the Right Machine?

The guys at Retro Thing have an entry about formats that disappear. In this case, it's a reel-to-reel video tape. And no, they don't have a machine to play it on. Yet.

Which reminds me, folks -- when we talk about digital preservation it's not just about the medium that holds the information (tape, CD, DVD, etc.) and how long they will last. If you don't have access to the hardware and/or software needed to translate all those ones and zeros into your recorded memories, then you can't access those recordings.

I thought the reel-to-reel video player was cool, but my favorite part of the post is the news that consumers appear to be waiting for the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD format war to finish before they buy in to either format. Once bitten, twice shy. Anybody remember Betamax?

Below is a link to RetroThing's entry, which includes a picture of the reel-to-reel video tape. If you like vintage gadgets, you will l-o-v-e this blog!

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